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Next Generation Ambu Wireless CPR Manikins on the market

Next Generation – discover new independence in CPR training

We have enhanced Ambu Wireless Technology and created a completely new concept that is perfectly tailored to the needs of modern course concepts for Advanced Life Support (ALS).

You can connect with the Ambu CPR manikins wirelessly from virtually any PC, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, all AmbuMan Wireless CPR Manikins are equipped with NFC technology, which allows a fast and uncomplicated connection.

Four new wireless CPR manikins provide you with realistic training that is more flexible than ever.


Ambu Man Wireless

The all-rounder in wireless CPR manikins: can be used both with healthcare professionals and for training non-professionals. Features the license-free self-training module and Ambu hygiene system. Read more about the Ambu Man Wireless.

Ambu Man Defib

The specialist in early defibrillation. Offers the basic functions of the AmbuMan Wireless with additional defibrillation option. Read more about the Ambu Man Defib.

Ambu Man Airway Wireless

The specialist in airway management: for training in both endotracheal intubation and alternative techniques like laryngeal mask or laryngeal tube. Read more about the Ambu Man Airway Wireless.

Ambu Man Advanced

The professional for professionals. Ambu‘s new generation of manikins, perfectly adapted to the training of Advanced Life Support (ALS). Read more about the Ambu Man Advanced.

Ambu® Manikin Management Module – The interface of the wireless CPR Manikins

Control, documentation and monitoring of the CPR manikins takes place wirelessly via the browser-based Ambu Manikin Management Module.

The Ambu Manikin Management Module is the central interface where all of the data come together: compression depth, hand position, ventilation volume, stomach inflation.

The network configuration level has been separated completely from the training and control level. This provides added convenience and security for your training. Once the manikin has been set up, it is ready to start within minutes. Complete separation makes unintentional access at network level during training impossible, and unintended network interruptions in training are no longer possible.

At the training and control level, the different modules can be configured individually and adapted to the requirements of your course concepts. This creates a way to provide targeted training. Create your own scenario down to the finest detail. Simulate resuscitation in conjunction with standard emergency procedures, like transportation and repositioning. Even airway management in a trapped car can be realistically simulated and practiced, when using the wireless CPR Manikins. Meanwhile, you can supervise the scenario from a safe distance.

As the trainer, you can observe the training session from the sidelines, without having to pay attention to wiring. The manikin is the centrepiece of the training, and after an initial one-time configuration in the network configuration module, the manikin is ready for the next training session within minutes.

After a while, knowledge and skills acquired through training begin to decline. The Ambu Manikin Management Module offers a database function. This allows you to save your participants‘ individual performance and compare them with each other in subsequent training sessions.

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