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Capital increase in connection with exercise of warrants issued (no. 16)

In December 2013, Ambu A/S issued 400,000 warrants, each warrant entitling the holder to subscribe for one Class B share with a nominal value of DKK 2.50. These warrants were issued to 52 employees with a vesting period of three years and may therefore be exercised in the trading window which was opened 23 August 2017 in connection with Ambu’s interim financial report for the third quarter 2016/17. 

As a result, two employees have given instruction as to the exercise of 16,000 warrants to the agreed exercise price 66.30 in the current trading window and today, the Board of Directors of Ambu passed a resolution to carry out the capital increase relating to the warrants exercised.

As a result of the capital increase, the share capital of Ambu will be increased by a nominal amount of DKK 40,000 from DKK 121,729,800 to DKK 121,769,800 through the issue of 16,000 Class B shares

Following this exercise of warrants and in consideration of the employees having left the company, 62,000 remaining warrants relating to the 2013 scheme are now being held by 9 individuals.

The new B shares are expected to be admitted to trading and official listing on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S on 6 Sep-tember 2017 under the ISIN code of Ambu A/S’ existing B shares (DK0060591204).

Under section 10 of the Danish Executive Order on disclosure requirements for issuers, Ambu A/S is to announce the total share capital and the total voting rights by the end of a month in which any change of the share capital was ef-fected. The table below shows the total share capital and the total voting rights of Ambu A/S after the capital increase.


Number of shares (nominal value DKK 2.5)

Nominal value (DKK)

Voting rights

A shares




B shares









You can download this company announcement as a pdf file.


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