Ambu Malaysia

Do you want to be part of a highly successful and experienced company in rapid growth? And do you want to participate in helping doctors and nurses save lives each and every day? Do you appreciate a flexible job with varied tasks and an attractive culture? Then Ambu may be your next career move…

Founded in 1937, Ambu is among the most experienced medical device companies in the world. Today, Ambu has a total of 2,350 employees worldwide and a strong global presence. Ambu has been present in Penang, Malaysia since 1995. To keep up with the growing demand from our customers, we have expanded our manufacturing facilities several times, most recently in 2015 with a new building.

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A unique working environment  

By joining Ambu in Malaysia, Ambu's second largest manufacturing facility, you will be part of a growing, prosperous and experienced company where we succeed by focusing on timely delivery and high quality, no matter which function we work in.

You will immediately feel welcome at Ambu in our informal and friendly working environment. We have an attractive culture and good values. As an example, we offer flexible hours for white collar employees enabling you to keep a balance between your personal and professional life.

Grow your career with us  

No matter if you will work in the production or in another function, you will get a diverse job working at Ambu. That is a promise. Our company size ensures that you will touch upon a range of specialist and generalist tasks within your field of expertise, in accordance with your wishes, of course.

Our product matters  

Every day millions of patients and healthcare professionals save lives thanks to Ambu’s products. That’s something we are very proud of – Do you want to be a part of this important mission as well?

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