Ambu® Sleepmate Piezo Effort Sensors

Ambu Sleepmate Piezo belts are highly sensitive and fully encapsulated for clear, artifact-free recording. All belt variants are designed for optimal patient comfort and ease of use. Piezo belt systems are available in adult to paediatric sizes.

General information

Improved patient care

Ambu Sleepmate Piezo Effort Sensors are made from soft materials and designed for patient comfort. Buckles and the fully encapsulated active elements are manufactured with rounded corners and flat profiles for increased patient comfort.

Ease of use

Ambu Sleepmate Piezo Effort Sensors are available in Double Buckle, Double Loop, Velcro Tab and beltless versions. All are durable and easy to use, and all feature a fully encapsulated active element, which makes cleaning and processing easy. All belts are washable.

Reliable recordings

Ambu Sleepmate Piezo Effort Belt systems produce clear and artifact-free signals with no need for interface or external power source.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.


Supplementary Information

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November 2014

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