ECG Electrode - Single Use

Ambu® WhiteSensor 0615M

The innovative Ambu® WhiteSensor 0615M electrode features a centre tab connection and a functional shape that minimizes electrode twist and peel during 12-lead ECG.

Presented conveniently with 10 pieces to a card. Thanks to the lift tab the product can be removed easily, quickly and painlessly for the patient.

Key Benefits

  • check Skin friendly solid gel
  • check Centre tab connection and functional shape for superior adhesion
  • check Medium size
  • check Radiolucent
  • check MR Conditional

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See datasheet for more specifications of this product.

Spare parts

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Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
(204,53 KB - pdf)
file_download Symbols on
(285,79 KB - pdf)
file_download Symbols Description - Cardiology Electrodes
(581,01 KB - pdf)
file_download X-ray - Radiolucency Statement of compliance
(877,5 KB - pdf)
file_download MRI - MR Conditional statement of compliance
(780,11 KB - pdf)

Instruction for use

file_download Ambu BlueSensor catalog 2015
(7,92 MB - pdf)


file_download Ambu Cardiology catalog 2015
(12,09 MB - pdf)
file_download  Ambu WhiteSensor catalog 2014
(7,4 MB - pdf)


file_download Ambu® WhiteSensor 0615M Datasheet
(500,43 KB - pdf)

May 2013

Note: US: Rx only