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Be more productive whereever your work takes your you

Whether you need connectivity options for the outpatient clinic or a portable grab-and-go solution for when you’re called to a consult, Ambu® aScope™ 4 RhinoLaryngo will deliver. It offers high-quality imaging with video and audio capabilities, connectivity options for documentation, and plug-and-play setup and usage for:  

  1. Single-use efficiency that simplifies your workflow 
  2. Excellent imaging with integrated video and audio  
  3. Easy and straightforward documentation 

Single-use efficiency that simplifies your workflow 

  • check Always available: Take the lightweight, portable solution with you wherever you’re needed 
  • check Plug and play solution: Simply remove the endoscope from its sterile packaging and connect to aView 2 Advance 
  • check Connect from either side in a comfortable position close to the patient
  • check Involve your patient or peers by sharing the screen during the procedure or with recorded images and videos later  
  • check Enjoy a lightweight endoscope and improve your working posture
  • check Eliminates reprocessing: No cleaning maintenance or repairs needs

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Excellent imaging with integrated video and audio recording ensures a high-quality experience 

  • check Easily identify anatomical structures: Excellent imaging with high endoscope image quality and the full-HD endoscopy system 
  • check Dictate notes as you perform the procedure with synchronised audio and video  
  • check Record the voice of the patient or take notes without assistance via synchronised audio and video 
  • check Review recordings with slow-motion video playback to study fast movements more carefully 
  • check Isolate and save key frames for reporting, training and to get second opinions

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Easy and straightforward documentation

  • check Record images, video and audio during the procedure
  • check Import your daily worklist and select the relevant patient directly on the touchscreen
  • check Use wifi or LAN to connect to the hospital network and retrieve the patient’s records
  • check Transfer patient data to the PACS in DICOM format to enable future access

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The world’s first rhinolaryngoscopes with bioplastics

Bioplastic material has a lower carbon footprint

Sustainability is one of our company's four strategic focus areas. One concrete example of how we are innovating in the area of sustainability for single-use endoscopy is by introducing the use of bioplastic material in our aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo and other endoscope handles.

The ABS plastic used in the handles emits 70% less CO2 than handles made from purely fossil-based ABS plastic.* (Note that this reduction applies to the carbon footprint of the ABS plastic in the handle only, not the full lifecycle for the finished good.)

While there will be no difference in the look, feel and performance of our rhinolaryngoscopes, this innovation attests to our commitment to environmental responsibility, and it is an important step forward in single-use sustainability. This innovation has been introduced in Europe and will be followed globally by the end of this year.

Learn how the world's first rhinolaryngoscopes with bioplastics in the handle reduce our carbon footprint.


Why Ambu uses bioplastics


*Based on cradle-to-gate LCAs on the raw material from the supplier. The LCAs compared ABS plastic made with 100% fossil-based feedstock with our new bioplastic ABS (which consists of 50% second-generation bio-based feedstock and 50% fossil-based feedstock).