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Ambu® Neuroline Cup
Single-use reduces cross-contamination risks and eliminates the need to clean in between patients

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Ambu® Neuroline Monopolar
Superior sharpness and low friction polymer coating reduces patient discomfort

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Ambu® Neuroline Concentric
Superior sharpness and precision centering of the inner core provides accurate and reliable readings

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Ambu® Neuroline 715
Cost-effective electrodes eliminate the need to clean products between procedures

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A full portfolio of precise, safe and efficient neurophysiology electrodes

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Are inadequate cleaning methods putting your patients and your budget at risk?

Stop cross contamination

Hospital-acquired infections can adversely affect health economics.

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American study found a lack of a standard cleaning process for reusable EEG cup electrodes

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One out of four reusable EEG cup electrodes are contaminated with bacteria. They are complex and costly to clean, and bacteria can led to hospital-acquired infection. Stop cross-contamination and use single-use EEG cup electrodes. 

Watch the video to get an overview of the risks of cross-contamination

Resources from around the web

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Tips & info for optimising your neurology office from healthcare professionals in collaboration with Ambu Inc.