Ambu single-use endoscopes

A new high-quality sterile endoscope for every patient

Helps streamline workflow

Offers consistently high quality and performance

Delivers cost advantages

Improves patient safety

Single-use and the environment

Get an overview of the facts and considerations, and learn how the environmental impact of single-use and reusable endoscopes compare.


Helps streamline workflow

Always available: No more waiting for endoscopes

With Ambu single-use endoscopes, there’s no more waiting when endoscopes are being reprocessed, used in a different department or out for repair.
The single-use concept helps you to take control of your schedule and be more productive.

Ready when you are

No more waiting for an available endoscope

Lightweight and compact

Easy to take our endoscopes with you and set up in different hospital areas with our endoscopy systems

Helps you take control of scheduling

Reduces the risk of having to cancel or reschedule procedures

Consistently high quality and performance

Unlike with reusable endoscopes, there is no deterioration of the mechanical performance of Ambu single-use endoscopes. With Ambu, you get a brand new endoscope straight from the package for every procedure.

What’s more, our modular development approach and rapid implementation of user input mean you can count on the latest technology.

Learn about Ambu’s unique innovation engine

Discover how our modular design approach, close collaboration with clinical specialists and single-use expertise enable us to develop high-quality innovations rapidly.


Cost advantages

Ambu single-use endoscope solutions eliminate many of the costs associated with reusable endoscopes and offer a number of advantages, including a relatively low capital investment and the elimination of endoscope reprocessing, service and repair costs.

Discover 5 ways single-use endoscopes make sense in terms of cost

When you consider all the costs related to reusable endoscopes, such as capital investments, maintenance and repairs, and reprocessing expenses, Ambu single-use endoscopes may save money for your hospital as a whole.


Improves patient safety

Single-use eliminates the risk of patient cross-contamination

Reusable endoscopes are associated with documented contamination risks.1

Ambu® single-use endoscopes remove the risk of patient cross-contamination by giving you a brand-new sterile endoscope for every patient.

Learn how single-use can improve patient safety

Get an overview of the challenges of reprocessing reusable endoscopes, the facts and numbers behind the risk of patient cross-contamination, and how Ambu single-use endoscopes can help.



Single-use endoscopes and the environment

Ambu aims to apply the principles of the circular economy to how we design, manufacture and dispose of our medical device solutions and packaging. We strive to contribute to a closed-loop system where waste is minimised, and materials are continuously recycled and reused. 

Single-use & the environment

Find out which circular initiatives we are working on and get an overview of how single-use and reusable endoscopes compare with regard to environmental impact.



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