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Environmental impact of single-use vs. reusable cystoscopes

Study compares complete life cycle1

Key points 

  • Transitioning from reusable to single-use can reduce environmental footprint 
  • Reprocessing of reusable cystoscopes, alone, had greater impact than whole lifespan of aScope 4 Cysto 
  • Due to lack of manufacturer data for parts of the lifespan other than reprocessing, the environmental impact of reusable cystoscopes was considered close to zero

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1Baboudjian, et al., Life Cycle Assessment of Reusable and Disposable Cystoscopes: A Path to Greener Urological Procedures, Euro Uro Focus, 2022 Dec, Epub ahead of print

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Results indicate market-readiness for single-use cystoscopes

Urologists and procurement managers worldwide willing to adopt

A total of 415 urologists and procurement managers in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the US indicated that they were willing to convert to single-use cystoscopes for almost half of their procedures. 

Survey respondents showed willingness to convert to single-use cystoscopes for 44.5% of their cystoscopy procedures.

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The original research paper entitled, Market Readiness for Single-Use Cystoscopes According to Urologists and Procurement Managers Worldwide, was published in Research and Reports in Urology (2021: 13).

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Clinical evidence

Comprehensive overview of the latest peer-reviewed studies

Get an overview of key findings relevant to single-use cystoscopy, with links to the full studies, in the areas of:

  • Clinical performance
  • Health economics
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Organisational impact
  • Environmental impact
  • Patient preferences
  • Contamination




Interested in a summary of the evidence dossier? 

One-page overview with references summarising important scientific evidence related to single-use cystoscopes. 


Environmental impact

Life cycle assessment
A study in European Urology concluded: “Disinfection reprocessing of reusable cystoscopes was found to have a significantly larger environmental footprint and impact than the whole lifespan of the single-use aScopeTM 4 Cysto” 

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Single-use cystoscopes:
100% plastic neutral in Europe and Latin America

A partnership with Plastic Bank® will prevent over 100 tons of plastic from entering the ocean. The quantity corresponds to the amount of plastic used in all of the Ambu single-use aScope products in EMEA and Latin America throughout the year.
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Can your facility gain better control of costs per procedure?

Learn how switching from reusable to single-use cystoscopes can give you greater cost-transparency.
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Scientific conference posters

These non-peer reviewed posters, created by Ambu and distributed at EUGA 2020, offer a quick overview of urologists concerns when it comes to reusable cystoscopes, and how they feel about the single-use alternative. 

Survey results:
Market readiness
European urologists showed an interest in converting from conventional reusable to single-use cystoscopes. 
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Survey results:
Almost half of the 105 urologists surveyed were concerned about patient cross-contamination linked to reusable cystoscopes. 
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Survey results:
89 of the 105 urologists involved reported having to wait for cystoscopes to become available, and the majority also reported a deterioration of image quality and/or manoeuvrability.
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Reusable cystoscope issue in Japan
Most of the 53 Japanese urologists surveyed had experienced issues with reprocessing, and almost one third had experienced availability issues.
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The first three posters above are based on a survey conducted among 105 urologists divided evenly in the UK, Germany and France. Poster 4 surveyed 53 Japanese urologists. They were a part of the program at EUGA 2020 and UAA 2020.

Poster: Cystoscopy device-associated adverse events
Thematisation analysis: Most common adverse events related to patient infection and positive microbiological tests
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