Ambu® aScope™ Gastro Large

A world of difference with 4.2

The world’s first gastroscope with a 4.2 mm working channel gives you the power of a therapeutic gastroscope combined with the manoeuvrability and precision of a standard one.

aScope Gastro Large delivers approximately 90% higher suction flow compared to the newest therapeutic 3.7 mm channel gastroscope.

In addition, because it is a single-use solution, it is always available, sterile and offers consistent performance. So, there is no more waiting when therapeutic gastroscopes are being used, reprocessed, in quarantine, out for repair, or when reprocessing equipment is broken.

What’s more, with the world’s first bioplastic handle, aScope Gastro Large sets new standards for single-use sustainability.

Release information

aScope Gastro is not available in all countries. Please contact your local Ambu representative to learn more.​



The world's first therapeutic single-use gastroscope with a 4.2 mm. working channel

Superior suction vs. 3.7*

Supports the needs for aspiration of blood in acute upper GI bleeding cases

*3.7 refers to the gastroscope channel size in mm

210° retroflexion

Designed for access to difficult-to-reach areas

Consistent quality – with or without tools

New scope for every procedure; broad range of compatible tools;
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Always available

No more waiting when reusable endoscopes are unavailable;
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Smooth setup for ICU, OR and ER

Just connect to the plug-and-play aBox 2 endoscopy system

Intuitive touchscreen controls

Adjustable touchscreen monitor, smooth documentation;
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Cost benefits

Low initial capital investment, cleaning time & costs eliminated;
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Setting new standards for single-use sustainability

World’s first gastroscope with bioplastic handle;
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A world of difference with 4.2

Key features of aScope Gastro Large

Technical specifications

Field of view:


Working channel inner diameter:

4.2 mm

Auxiliary water jet channel:



3-100 mm

Working length:

1030 mm

Image enhancement:

Advanced Red Contrast (ARC) functionality

Distal end diameter:

11,5 mm


210°/120°, 100°/100°

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.

September 2023

Note: US: Rx only