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Join a stable and growing company

By joining Ambu in Denmark you will join an exciting and highly international workplace at our headquarters in Ballerup.

The size of our company is interesting - We are big enough to matter in the global arena, but small enough for you to make your mark.

We work in a very structured manner with our strategy and we have clear and visible goals to reach. Our goals are ambitious, and so are we. 

Your benefits at Ambu

At Ambu we believe that happy, satisfied employees make more capable employees and better colleagues. Consequently, we strive to create a workplace that takes into account both professional life and leisure time.

Benefits at Ambu Headquarters include:

  • Pension and health care insurances
  • Health initiatives e.g. physiotherapy, Chiropractor and exercise room
  • Anonymous psychological help
  • Canteen with breakfast and lunch
  • Social activities e.g. Christmas Party and Friday bar

Your health and well-being

How do you feel today?

At Ambu, there is every possibility to have healthy habits in your daily life.

First off, we have a first-class canteen. If you don’t believe it, come and try it. The canteen serves breakfast and lunch and follows a dietary policy that emphasizes healthy and balanced food. But we are not health extremists, and the canteen serves cakes on Wednesdays.

Fitness room and masseur

Physical exercise is an option for all of us, and if you feel like working out before or after work, we have a fitness room. The annual DHL relay run in Copenhagen is a popular event. We’re talking Ambu t-shirts, friendly competition and a good meal.

To prevent work-related injuries and improve your general well-being, we have a masseur available on location and we offer ergonomic guidance in relation to your particular workstation. You can also seek more specialised help. For instance consult a chiropractor, get anonymous psychological help or - if you are overweight - meet with a dietician.

At Ambu you have the opportunity to feel good in your daily life. And no, you do not have be to a lean athlete to work here.