Ambu® UltraSeal Disposable Face Mask with check valve

The Ambu UltraSeal facemask is an anatomically correct disposable facemask designed specifically for anaesthetic departments. It is a single use disposable facemask that comes both with and without a check valve. All masks come with a hook ring for attachment of the mask with a strap. The current range consists of 4 sizes from size 2-3 Toddler to size 6 Large Adult.

Features & Benefits

The UltraSeal facemask has a very soft anatomically shaped cuff that enables a tight seal with a minimum of pressure applied. The transparent and crystal clear dome secures easy observation of the patient’s condition during use.

It is a single patient use product, which reduces that time needed for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting procedures. The added risk of cross contamination is reduced.

Size   Weight Weight with CV
2-3 Toddler 37g 38g
4 Small adult/child 44g 45g
5 Medium adult 53g 53g
6 Large adult 72g 73g


Dome, Polyvinylchloride
Cuff, Polyvinylchloride

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Supplementary Information

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December 2018

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