The Basic Buddy®

The Basic Buddy is lightweight, portable, and suitable for an economical and realistic CPR training.They feature a realistic head tilt and chest rise, palpable landmarks, a sanitary airway system and a lightweight and compact design.


  • checkPractice adult and child CPR techniques
  • checkLightweight, portable, and economical
  • checkTough and durable
  • checkAnatomically correct with palpable landmarks
  • checkAirways open only with correct hyperextension
  • checkVisible chests rise during ventilation
  • checkRebreathing airway
  • checkSanitary mouth/lung protection bags
  • checkEasy AED training

General information

Adult and Child

The Basic Buddy can be used for adult and child training by changing the compression resistance with a foam pad.

Sanitary system

The disposable lung/mouth protection bags are changed with a lung insertion tool after each student preventing cross-contamination and the need to sanitize the manikins.

Easy AED training

The closed and anatomically correct torsi allow the placement of defibrillation pads for realistic, simulated AED training. Note: Use only AED pads designed for foam body manikins.

CPR becomes the most important factor when a person suffers from cardiac arrest

Blood circulation of the body stops, including the perfusion of the brain, lungs, and organs. Without treatment the patient will die. With chest compres­sions a blood circulation though the body is created. Due to this, it is important that people are trained in this discipline.


Spare parts

We offer 1 Spare parts for this product



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