Ambu® SPUR® II Disposable Resuscitator

The Ambu SPUR II Disposable Resuscitator is a single patient use manual resuscitator. The SPUR II features the single-shutter valve system that provides reliable functionality, which has been proven by over three decades of use across the hospital and emergency sectors. The self-inflating bag is made of a thin SEBS material that provides excellent recoil, and also has a SafeGrip™ surface for improved handling. The SPUR II is offered in a complete family of resuscitators that cover all patient ranges.

Features & benefits

  • checkSingle-shutter valve system for reliable functionality
  • checkSelf-inflating bag made of thin SEBS material with excellent recoil
  • checkIntegrated handle to support user during prolonged ventilation (Adult and Paediatric sizes only)
  • checkLow weight for improved handling during prolonged ventilation
  • checkPressure-limiting valve system prevents delivery of excessive pressures (override cap can be engaged to negate activation of the valve in cases where higher pressures are required)
  • checkThe self-inflating bag may be compressed to take up less storage space (Adult and Paediatric sizes only)
  • checkVariants of the SPUR II with an m-port are available. The m-port may be used for etCO2 monitoring or injection of medication
  • checkCompatible with Ambu Disposable Manometer and Ambu Disposable PEEP Valve without the need for adapters
  • checkSafeGrip™ surface on the self-inflating bag for improved handling
  • checkSplashguard directs exhaled air and fluids away from the user
  • checkCan be used to supply 100% FiO2 when used with an oxygen source
  • checkMR Conditional

General information

Reliable ventilation

The single-shutter valve system incorporated into the design of the SPUR II provides reliable functionality, which has been proven across over 30 years of clinical use. The action of this valve system can be viewed during use and can be used as a source of visual feedback of airflow. The self-inflating bag, made from a thin SEBS material, also provides excellent recoil. Furthermore, when connected to an oxygen source, the SPUR II can be used to provide up to 100% FiO2.

Patient safety

All sizes of the SPUR II are equipped with a pressure-limiting valve system, this system works to prevent the delivery of excessive pressures that have the potential to cause barotrauma. An override cap is also included, and may be engaged to prevent the activation of the pressure-limiting valve in cases where higher ventilation pressures are required.

Ergonomics and storage

The SPUR II features a SafeGrip™ surface, which is a textured surface on the self-inflating bag which can improve grip and user handling during ventilation. In addition, the adult and paediatric sizes also include an integrated handle which can offer further support. A swivel located between the valve and mask also allows for free rotation of the bag without removing the mask from the patient, for additional user convenience. Finally, the adult and paediatric sizes may also be compressed to allow for more convenient storage, taking up less space.

Accessories and additional functions

The SPUR II is compatible with both the Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer and the Ambu Disposable PEEP Valves, without the need for additional adapters to connect them. A splashguard is also provided, which when attached to the expiratory port, works to divert exhaled gases and fluids away from the user.

Variants of the SPUR II which include an m-port are also available. The m-port can be used to monitor end tidal CO2 or be used as a conduit through which medication can be provided to the patient.

A SPUR II for all patients

The SPUR II is provided in Adult, Paediatric and Infant sizes, forming a complete family of resuscitators. The packaging for each size is colour coded to allow for size identification.

Suitable applications

Manual ventilation and resuscitation.

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Instructions for use

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Supplementary Information

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March 2023

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