Business ethics and compliance

An organizational virtue

Business ethics and compliance guide our company’s behaviour, relationships and growth.

As we are a company on the path of expansion, and because we have a close relationship with our stakeholders, today more than ever, it is vital to promote business ethics and compliance and act with integrity.

Our code of conduct

Ambu complies with all applicable international laws and regulations and abide by international industry code such as MedTech Europe and Advamed as a minimum standard. To help ensure uphold Ambu’s reputation as a company with a high level of integrity and trustworthiness, we have developed a Code of Conduct for our employees as well as for our business partners.

The Ambu Code of Conduct for Employees provides guidance on how employees should behave in uncomfortable situations and how to deal with moral dilemmas. Ambu’s Code of Conduct applies to all employees, including board members.

Code of conduct

The Ambu Code of Conduct for Business Partners defines the basic requirements placed on any person or entity doing business with or on behalf of Ambu Group with respect to its responsibilities towards its stakeholders, employees, business partners, to conduct business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner.

Code of conduct for business partners

Ambu Whistleblower Hotline

Ambu employees and business partners are strongly encouraged to act promptly when faced with suspicions or concerns about criminal offences, violations of Ambu’s code of conducts and policies, and other serious violations of law or regulations that govern Ambu’s operations done by Ambu employees or third parties interacting with or working on our behalf, so that Ambu can prevent, detect and correct inappropriate actions and misconduct.

Raise a concern through our Whistleblower hotline

Our compliance management system

The Ambu Compliance Management System provides a framework for compliant behavior and consists of eight specific elements. All compliance programs in Ambu are developed and implemented in line with the compliance management system and the system provide a tool for assessing the progress and measure the level of maturity of these elements and the programs.

Ensure compliance and continuous improvements

The system allows us to continuously monitor and evaluate our compliance efforts and ensure that we adhere to all the standards set for us in healthcare systems around the world and that there is consistency and authenticity in the way we work and what we provide.

Developed in line with most important guidelines and standards

The system is developed in line with the most important national and international guidelines and standards, and it meets the requirements of industry specific and latest updated enforcement guidelines.

1. Commitment

2. Governance

3. Risk Management

4. Policies procedures

5. Communication & Training

6. Third Party Management & Due Diligence Management

7. Raising Concerns

8. Monitoring Auditing & Reporting

Contact our business ethics and compliance team

We have a central team located at our headquarters in Denmark and local presence through our Business Ethics and Compliance Managers/Officers in the regions where we operate. Our work is reliant on our employees, business partners and communities raising their concerns or asking questions if they witness something unusual.

If you have any question or requests, please feel free to reach out to Business Ethics & Compliance at

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