Ambu® King Mask

The Ambu King Mask is an anatomically shaped, disposable anaesthetic face mask. The anatomical shape of the mask is designed to allow for improved adjustment to the patient’s face during use. Furthermore, the thin material of the cushion can support the establishment of a tight seal around the patient’s face in order to deliver effective ventilation.

Features & Benefits

  • checkAnatomically shaped for improved adjustment to the patient’s face
  • checkHas a thin cushion to support a tight seal around the patient’s face with minimal pressure
  • checkFeatures a ribbed edge around the cushion to improve user grip
  • checkClear dome to allow for observation of the patient’s condition
  • checkCheck valve allows for the seal to be adjusted by inflating or deflating the cushion
  • checkMask size is indicated on the mask dome
  • checkAvailable in a full range of 7 sizes
  • checkSize recognition via colour-coded labelling
  • checkMR Safe

General information

Establishing a tight seal

The cushion of the King Mask is manufactured using a thin material which is able to support the establishment of a tight seal around the face of the patient. Together with the anatomical shape, which allows for improved adjustment to the face, the King Mask can be used to form a seal around the patient’s facial anatomy with minimal pressure. In addition, a check valve is also included on the King Mask which allows for the adjustment of the seal through inflation or deflation of the cushion in order to suit the patient’s anatomical contours.

User Benefits

A ribbed edge surrounds the cushion of the King Mask, and is designed to improve the grip of the user in order to maintain a consistent seal throughout prolonged use. The dome of the mask is also clear, which allows for the patient’s condition to be observed during use.

A range of options

​The King Mask is supplied in a range of 7 sizes, suitable for infant, paediatric and adult patients. Scented variants of the King Mask are also available, these products have been found to be able to have calming effects during induction, particularly in children. Products including hook rings are also available.

Suitable applications

Patient ventilation and oxygenation, delivery of anaesthesia.

Clinical Studies


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Spare parts

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Instructions for use

file_download IFU Ambu® King Mask (Multi) V04 2022/10
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Supplementary Information

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March 2023

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