Ambu® Silicone Face Masks

The Ambu Silicone Face Masks are a range of silicone face masks designed for patient oxygenation and ventilation. They feature a flexible self-inflating cushion that encapsules the anatomy of the patient’s face in order to establish a tight seal.

Features & benefits

  • checkFlexible self-inflating cushion made of silicone
  • checkTransparent dome to allow for visual check of bleeding, vomitus and spontaneous breathing
  • checkIntegrated thumb rest to support hand positioning during use
  • checkAvailable in a full range of 6 sizes
  • checkSuitable for reprocessing up to 30 times
  • checkSuitable for autoclaving at a temperature of 134°C / 273.2°F (Except size 0A)
  • checkMR Safe

General information

The Ambu Silicone Face Masks are a range of reusable face masks that are designed for ventilation and oxygenation of patients. They feature a flexible self-inflating silicone cushion which encapsulates the anatomy of the face in order to establish a tight seal and facilitate ventilation. The dome of the Silicone Face Masks is transparent, which allows for users to check the patient for bleeding, vomitus and spontaneous breathing, without interrupting ventilation. An integrated thumb rest is also included in the product design to improve hand positioning during prolonged ventilation.

The Ambu Silicone Face Mask range are reusable, and can be reprocessed up to 30 times. They are suitable for both manual and automated cleaning and disinfection, and can also withstand autoclaving sterilisation at 134°C / 273.2°F (except size 0A). 

Suitable applications

Patient oxygenation and ventilation.

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Instructions for use

file_download IFU Ambu® Silicone Face Masks V1.3.0 2008/03
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Supplementary Information

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March 2023

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