Central Venous Cannulation

The Central Venous Cannulation Simulator is designed for learning and practicing CVC techniques, and incorporates superficial anatomical details and functional accuracy to simulate the clinical experience. 


  • checkPractice of central venous cannulation techniques
  • checkPalpation exactly the same as on a real patient
  • checkAccurate external and internal anatomical landmarks
  • checkNeck is positioned to the left for easy landmark identification
  • checkUse of a Swan-Ganz catheter possible

General information

Anatomical landmarks 

The sternal notch, sternocleidomastoid, clavicle, and other supporting features are present. The sternal notch “sinks” 1 - 1.5 cm when palpated. The neck of the simulator is positioned to the left, making landmark identity quite easy visually. 

Internal features 

Internal features include a replaceable muscle and bone section, subclavian, internal jugular, external jugular, and carotid. Use of a Swan-Ganz catheter is possible and changing of the internal tubing is extremely easy. 

Fluid supply stand not included. 

Spare parts

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file_download Training Manikins Catalogue
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file_download Central Venous Cannulation Datasheet
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