Complete GERi™

The Complete GERi is a geriatric patient care simulator with natural flexibility and superior range of motion. It has an overall female appearance but is also convertible to a male with removal of the wig and attachment of male genitals.


  • checkPatient care simulator with elderly appearance, skin wrinkles and folds
  • checkAll major joints move natural for practicing patient positioning with realistic flexibility and range of motion
  • checkSimulating over 35 nursing and medical procedures
  • checkInternal fluid reservoirs
  • checkTracheostomy care
  • checkEye / Ear-canal irrigation treatment
  • checkIntramuscular injection sites
  • checkNG tube placement
  • checkOstomy care, lavage, and suctioning
  • checkGastrostomy procedures
  • checkUrinary catheterization

General information

The simulator enables the practice of bandaging and wound dressing, bed baths and hair care washing, clothing changes, or ear canal irrigation with optic drops administration and hearing aid placement as well as several medical and nursing procedures.

These are the training of oral/nasal hygiene like lavage, gavage and suctioning, the placement of a nasogastric tube, and intramuscular injections on arm, thigh and buttock.For visual inspection the manikin features normal and cancerous mole, stage 1 sacral ulcer, dilated and constricted pupils and reddened skin folds.

The GERi manikin allows also training of ostomy and tracheostomy care, as well as gastrostomy procedures, lavage and gavage or enema administration (female only). The urinary catheterization can be practised on female and uncircumcised male. The male genitalia features also prostate exam.

Spare parts

We offer 2 Spare parts for this product



file_download Training Manikins Catalogue
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file_download Complete GERi™ Datasheet
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