SMART STAT Patient Simulator Complete

The SMART STAT Patient Simulator Complete offers faculty and students the opportunity to simulate the tasks necessary to develop critical thinking skills.

This rugged manikin weighs 34 kg, is portable and comes with an iPad® operating totally wireless. Programming skills are not needed to operate this simulator, simple control screens provide fast, user-friendly operation.

Key features

  • checkWireless control with iPad® and SMART STAT App
  • checkCNS head with cholinesterase inhibitor toxicity signs: light-reactive eyes, tears, mucus, foam
  • checkHeart, Lung and Abdominal sounds
  • checkBilateral BP and IV arms
  • checkIO access in manubrium and leg
  • checkPericardiocentesis
  • check5-lead ECG monitoring and defibrillation
  • check12 pulse points synchronized with ECG rhythm
  • checkAdvanced airway management with tongue edema, laryngospasm and cricothyrotomy
  • checkTension pneumothorax reduction, bilateral
  • checkChest tube placement, bilateral

All features

  • Advanced airway features with oral/nasal intubation, tongue edema, laryngospasm, upper break-away teeth and cricothyrotomy
  • Bilateral BP and IV arms
  • Bilateral chest tube placement with fluid dicharge
  • Bilateral tension pneumothorax reduction
  • 12 pulse points in pairs: carotid, femoral, politeal, pedal, radial and brachial - can be shut down, and peripheral pulses drop off with BP below 70 mmHG systolic
  • IM and SQ injection sites bilaterally on deltoid and right thigh
  • IO access in the manubrium and lower right leg
  • Central nervous system head with cholinesterase inhibitor toxicity signs: light reactive eyes that can be set to 3 sizes and/or nonreactive conditions, tears, nasal mucus, foaming mouth, ETCO2 discharge, and prerecorded voice and vomiting sounds
  • Wireless microphone for instructor dialog
  • Lips and fingernails with cyanosis and CO flushing
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • External jugular catheterization
  • 5-lead ECG monitoring & defibrillation
  • Urinary catheterization with interchangeable genitalia
  • Lung sounds (6 anterior, 4 posterior)
  • Abdominal sounds in 4 quadrants
  • Heart sounds on 4 locations
  • SimVitals 5-line monitor
  • Removable arm/leg for amputation exercises
  • Fluids stored onboard, including IV blood and urine output
  • Lower left leg battery - up to 3.5 hours of operation per 5h charge
  • On-board air compressor

SMART STAT App features:

  • Documentation of training and administered skills/medications
  • Building custom scenarios
  • Create student lists
  • Review and debriefing
  • Transfer data to computer for printing, editing and archiving
  • On-board air compressor

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.