AmbuMan® SAM

AmbuMan SAM is an inexpensive training manikin with all the well-known and sought-after Ambu look-listen-feel features. The AmbuMan SAM incorporates the unique and patented hygienic system that enables training with a face piece and head bag.


  • checkRobust and reliable cost efficient BLS training manikin with anatomically correct closed Torso
  • checkVisual feedback built into the manikin torso provides instant feedback of compression amplitude
  • checkAmbu hygienic system for mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose ventilation
  • checkEasy AED Training
  • checkCompact manikin, can be easily carried around and stored because it is a lightweight manikin

General information

Correct Compression and Open Airway

The AmbuMan SAM enables allows students to have a realistic ventilation experience. The compression indicator confirms the correct compression depth.

The closed torso shape with all the precise anatomical features allows students to fully learn the BLS technique, including the use of semi-automatic defibrillators (AEDs) and the positioning of the corresponding electrodes. The unique hygienic system prevents cross contamination.

The correct compression depth and required ventilation volume can be monitored by the feedback indicator on the manikin.

CPR becomes the most important factor when a person suffers from cardiac arrest

Blood circulation of the body stops, including the perfusion of the brain, lungs and organs. Without treatment the patient will die. With chest compressions a blood circulation though the body is created. Due to this, it is important that people are trained in this discipline.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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