Sani-Child Manikin

The Sani-Child Manikin is economical and allows the training of the BLS algorithm for children. It features realistic anatomical landmarks including sternum, rib cage and substernal notch. It allows an optimal training of chest compression in combination with realistic ventilation. The airways open with a correct head tilt.


  • checkEconomical child manikin for BLS training
  • checkAnatomical landmarks
  • checkRealistic training of chest compression and ventilation
  • checkVisible chests rise and expiration
  • checkAirways open only in correct head position
  • checkSanitary system prevents cross-contamination: single-use face shield/lung system

General information

Sanitary System

For preventing cross-contamination, a face shield/lung system is inserted easy and quickly into the manikin. The system enables a realistic exhalation and cleaning, or disinfecting is no longer required.

CPR becomes the most important factor when a person suffers from cardiac arrest

Blood circulation of the body stops, including the perfusion of the brain, lungs, and organs. Without treatment the patient will die. With chest compres­sions a blood circulation though the body is created. Due to this, it is important that people are trained in this discipline.

Spare parts

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