Ambu® Patented Hygienic System

A personal face piece and a disposable head bag are placed in the head of the Ambu BLS and ED training manikins. When training mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose resuscitation, the student only comes into contact with his/her own breath and mouthpiece.


3 hygienic systems are available: Ambu Man, Ambu CPR Pal and Ambu Baby.

Hygienic, by virtue of individual face piece and head bag for each student, eliminating any risk of cross-infection. Realistic ventilation and exhalation through mouth and nose. Inexpensive due to disposable head bags and easy-to-clean reusable face pieces.

Quick change of whole airway system between two students. Easy maintenance of Ambu training manikins, as internal cleaning is unnecessary. 

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    August 2018