Top 7 reasons you should consider a single-use rhinolaryngoscope

How a single-use rhinolaryngoscope can help improve your everyday workflow:

1. You can take it with you wherever you need to work

From the outpatient clinic to inpatient consult procedures, you can take a single-use endoscope and portable monitor with you wherever you need to work.

2. It brings you closer to patients

You can manoeuvre a portable monitor into a comfortable position making it easier to focus on and involve your patients in the procedure.

3. It makes it easier to share knowledge

Your peers and students can follow the procedure on the monitor, and you can record and store images and videos of the procedures for later viewing and documentation.

4. High-quality imaging

A single-use endoscope with adaptive light, which is connected to a high-resolution monitor, can give you sharp images that allow you to identify anatomical structures confidently. 

5. Easier to navigate the upper airways

A lightweight, flexible video endoscope with high-bending angles makes it easy to manoeuvre during examinations.

6. Single-use efficiency

Simply use it and discard. No more delays waiting for a clean scope; no cost and hassle associated with cleaning and repairs.

7. Guaranteed sterility

As it is sterile, a single-use endoscope eliminates any risk of device-related cross-infection adding an extra measure of patient safety.