Ambu® aScope™ 5 Broncho Sampler Set


Low risk of sample loss, high degree of control

A unique, integrated sampling solution designed for superior lavage

Ambu’s single-use sampling solution offers an improved way to perform BAL in the bronchoscopy suite compared to traditional methods. The innovative closed-loop solution is offered with a 60ml sample container in the aScope 5 Broncho Sampler Set to support the sample sizes needed in BAL procedures.

Protects the sample from start to finish

The single-use aScope 5 Broncho Sampler Set reduces the risk of sample contamination and loss common with Lukens traps. The closed-loop system protects the sample from start to finish minimising sample exposure points and protecting both the HCP and the sample.

A high degree of control

The sampler solution integrates seamlessly with Ambu aScope 5 Broncho. It clicks right on and allows you to switch between suction and sampling at the turn of a knob. This enables you to operate it without assistance and gives you a high degree of control when sampling the lungs.

Sterile and ready to go

Like aScope 5 Broncho, the sampler set is single-use, so it is always available, sterile and ready to go when you need it. The result? Simplified workflow and improved safety and efficiency.

Release information

The aScope 5 Broncho Sampler Set is not available in all countries. Please contact your local Ambu representative to learn more.

Key benefits

Supports high-quality sampling

Closed-loop system secures and protects the sample reducing the risk of sample loss

Integrated sampling solution

Provides high degree of control during procedure

Sterility improves safety

Sterile bronchoscopes and sample containers reduce risk of contamination

Improves workflow

Portable, easy to set up and ready when you are

Dedicated BAL solution

High-performance sampling system combined with 60 ml sample containers required for BAL procedures in the bronchoscopy suite

Clear visualization

With precise tip motion of the bronchoscopes and excellent imaging of the full-HD Ambu® aView 2 displaying and processing unit

Three sizes available

Connects seamlessly and packaged with aScope 5 Broncho HD 5.6/2.8, aScope 5 Broncho HD 5.0/2.2 and aScope 5 Broncho 4.2/2.2, respectively​


Take a look at the unique design

Automatically locks the sample container in place and is easily disengaged by pressing down.
60ml container is transparent for observation of volume and texture and easily locked to preserve the sample.
Directs suction flow towards either wall-suction or sampling.
Ensures that the sampler and aScope 5 Broncho function as one tightly sealed unit.

Spare parts

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MARCH 2023

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