Ambu® aViewTM

The high-resolution monitor


Portable & ready within seconds

Ambu® aView™ is a portable high resolution monitor that is compatible with all of Ambu´s single-use flexible scopes comprising aScope 3 and aScope 4 Broncho.

aView is easy to use and set up, and is ready within seconds when turned on. The clear, high resolution images make navigation and identification of anatomical landmarks easy.

The user interface is intuitive to use and allows images or videos to be stored for later reference.
Easy transfer of files is possible with the integrated USB interface.

Key Benefits


  • check It is lightweight, easy to set up and ready to show images within seconds after turned on.
  • check It can be used continuously for minimum 3 hours with a fully charged battery.
  • check Together with aScope 3 and aScope 4 Broncho it solves the issue of limited availability of advanced visualisation solutions in the ICU, OR and ER.

Clear imaging

  • check The clear, high resolution images enable easy navigation and fast identification of anatomical landmarks.
  • check The user-friendly intuitive operation mode allows images or videos to be stored and exported to usb.
  • check Show the live image on an external larger monitor using the video-out port, e.g. for training or teaching purposes.

Improves patient safety

  • check aScope 3, aScope 4 Broncho and aView are always at hand when needed, saving valuable time and improving patient safety.


User-friendly & intuitive

Inlet ports for: Ambu® aScopeTM 3 & Ambu® aScopeTM 4 Broncho

Power on and off

USB port and Video-out.

Support leg and IV pole mounting fixture.

Technical specifications

Display – max. resolution:

800 x 480

Display type:

8.5 colour TFT LCD

Battery operation:

Min. 3 hours

USB connection:

Type A

Video out type and connection:

Composite, 3.5 mm Jack Socket

Power requirement:

100 – 240V AC; 50-60Hz; 0.6 A

Spare parts

We offer 6 Spare parts for this product


Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
(204,53 KB - pdf)
file_download Symbols on
(285,79 KB - pdf)


file_download Visualisation Brochure
(2,26 MB - pdf)
file_download aScope 3 Family brochure
(1,02 MB - pdf)


file_download Ambu® aView™ Datasheet
(839,65 KB - pdf)

Instructions For Use

file_download aView IFU
(51,17 MB - pdf)
file_download aView User Guide
(8,49 MB - pdf)

July 2016

Note: US: Rx only