VivaSight Endobronchial Blocker Tube

VivaSight Endobronchial Blocker Tube is a single-use endobronchial blocker designed for One Lung Ventilation (OLV) when used in conjunction with an endotracheal tube (ETT).

It is compatible with VivaSight 2 SLT and consists of a sterile, single-use, steerable balloon-tipped catheter. The catheter is visually guided to a selected bronchial segment to provide balloon blockage of the distal airway. 

Real-time monitoring

When used in combination with the VivaSight 2 SLT, you have the benefit of continuous visualization. This enables you to monitor the VivaSight Endobronchial Blocker position, the tracheal rings and the carina throughout the entire OLV procedure.

The full Ambu OLV portfolio

The Ambu family of products includes VivaSight 2 SLT (pending CE approval) and VivaSight 2 DLT with integrated camera, VivaSight Endobronchial Blocker Tube and the single-use bronchoscope Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho Slim.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Supplementary Information

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August 2021

Note: US: Rx only
VivaSight Endobronchial Blocker Tube is manufactured by Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd. and distributed by Ambu A/S