Ambu® VivaSight™ 2 SLT

Continuous visualization of tube and blocker position

VivaSight 2 SLT is a sterile, single use endotracheal tube with integrated camera intended for:

  • Oral intubation procedures
  • General inspection of the airways and visualization during intubation procedures
  • Temporary artificial airway in adults requiring mechanical ventilation 

Follow tube placement in real time

VivaSight 2 SLT is similar in design to conventional single lumen tubes. However, it is unique in that it has a built-in video camera that connects to an Ambu aView 2 Advance , a full HD endoscopy system with Dual View. This makes it possible to follow tube placement in real-time. 

Benefits of continuous visualization

The integrated camera and continuous visualization of VivaSight 2 SLT provides several benefits:

  • Facilitates endotracheal intubation 
  • Provides continuous visualization of endobronchial blocker position
  • Ideal for monitoring of correct tube placement
  • Significantly reduces the need to use a bronchoscope

Single-use endobronchial blocker

VivaSight Endobronchial blocker tube is a single-use endobronchial blocker designed for One Lung Ventilation when used in combination with an endotracheal tube (ETT). It is compatible with VivaSight 2 SLT and consists of a sterile, single-use, steerable balloon-tipped catheter, which  is visually guided to a selected bronchial segment to provide balloon blockage of the distal airway.​

The full Ambu OLV solution

The comprehensive Ambu One Lung Ventilation (OLV) solution arms you with a wide array of products to handle the various situations that can arise during the OLV procedures.

The Ambu OLV solution includes Ambu® VivaSight™ 2 DLT and Ambu® VivaSight™ 2 SLT with an integrated camera, Ambu® VivaSight™ Endobronchial Blocker Tube, Ambu® aScope™ 4 Broncho Slim and other Ambu bronchoscopes with a small diameter. These bronchoscopes, along with VivaSight 2 DLT and VivaSight 2 SLT, are all compatible with our latest generation portable full-HD endoscopy system with Dual View, Ambu® aView™ 2 Advance.​


Overcoming the challenges of placement and positioning

Real-time monitoring of correct tube placement

VivaSight 2 SLT is ideal for monitoring tube placement during the procedure.

Significantly reduced use of bronchoscopes

VivaSight 2 SLT can significantly reduce the need to use a bronchoscope to verify correct tube placement.

Continuous visualization of endobronchial blocker position

VivaSight 2 SLT provides real-time visualization of endobronchial blocker positioning during the OLV procedure.

Facilitates endotracheal intubation

Integrated camera facilitates correct placement and positioning of the ET tube.

Confidence booster

Provide reassurance for the anaesthetist.

Zero cross-contamination

Single-use and sterile with no risk of patient cross-contamination.


Comprehensive Ambu OLV solution

Perform procedures confidently

The Ambu OLV solution includes:

Ambu® VivaSight 2 SLT
Ambu® Viva™ 2 DLT
Ambu® VivaSight Endobronchial Blocker tube
Ambu® VivaSight Ambu® aScope 5 Broncho 4.2/2.2
Ambu® VivaSight Ambu® aScope 5 Broncho 2.7/1.2
Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho Slim Bronchoscope 
Ambu® aView 2 Advance full-HD endoscopy system with Dual View 



​​Use VivaSight 2 together with our aView 2 Advance monitor

​The combination of the full HD monitor and integrated camera in VivaSight 2 has a number of features, which can help you keep the focus on your patients:

  • Integrated Dual View Mode enables you to view real-time video from  VivaSight 2 and aScope 4 Broncho Slim simultaneously
  • Full HD resolution and advanced image processing ensure high image quality
  • Easy recording and storage of images and videos during procedure for documentation and training

Clinical Evidence


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Technical specifications


VivaSight-SL: 7.0, 7.5 & 8.0 mm (ID)
For OD and length, please refer to datasheet

VivaSight EB: 9 Fr, length 700 mm

Image sensor:


Light sources:

2 white LEDs

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Instructions For Use

May 2021

Note: US: Rx only
VivaSight is manufactured by ETView LTD and distributed by Ambu A/S