PHTLS FullBody

The PHTLS Fullbody Manikin is intended to be used in training scenarios associated with treating survivable patients who have suffered chest trauma.

The manikin features advanced airway management, i.v. therapy on the right arm, i.o. access on the manubrium, pneumothorax decompression and chest tube insertion as well as CPR training. The body has no electrical parts and weighs 64 kg (140 lb).


  • checkManikin for Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support
  • checkTraining of advanced airway management
  • checkChest trauma treatment with pneumothorax reduction and chest tube insertion
  • checkI.V. access
  • checkI.M. injections
  • checkI.O. access, manubrium
  • checkTwo sets of upper teeth that break out when applying improper technique

General information

Advanced airway management

The advanced intubation head allows commonly used oral, oesophageal and tracheal airways and features also tongue edema, laryngospasm, upper break-away teeth and cricothyrotomy. Flexible skin makes jaw-thrust manoeuvre life-like. Intravenous access and intramuscular injection The right arm rotates for easy access and allows multiple locations from dorsal hand up to the antecubital fossa. In addition, the arm allows you to train intramuscular injections with replaceable injection pads.

Intraosseous insertion

The PHTLS Manikin is designed for use with Pyng FAST1® training device and the bone inserts are replaceable.

Chest trauma treatment

The PHTLS Manikin allows chest tube insertion and pneumothorax reduction. The pneumothorax reduction features an audible confirmation as the discharge of air when placed correctly. The interior systems are not damaged, and the skin sections are replaceable.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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