Ambu® aScope™ Gastro

Think fast. Think clean. Think single-use.

Ambu® aScope Gastro is a sterile single-use endoscope used for a variety of endoscopic procedures.

It offers a fast track to an efficient work scenario where endoscopes are available when you need them, provide consistent quality, and offer complete cost transparency. 

Available at all times and in any setting

With aScope Gastro, you don’t need to wait or reschedule a procedure when scopes are being used elsewhere or out for repair.  

A new, sterile scope for every patient

aScope Gastro is sterile straight from the pack, so you can assure each patient that you are using a new sterile gastroscope just for them. This is especially relevant for patients who are at a high risk of infection.

Consistent quality, feel and performance

Reusable endoscopes are used multiple times every day and are continually subjected to rigorous reprocessing1 that can affect performance. 

With aScope Gastro, there is no deterioration, so you can count on consistent quality, feel and performance every time. 

Release information

aScope Gastro is not available in all countries. Please contact your local Ambu representative to learn more.​

1 Cori Ofstead, Longitudinal assessment of reprocessing effectiveness for colonoscopes and gastroscopes: Results of visual inspections, biochemical markers, and microbial cultures, American Journal of Infection Control 45 (2017) e26-e3411.


A compact and convenient system for any clinical setting

Always available

Ideal for any scenario where time, location and availability are of the essence.


A new sterile, single-use gastroscope for every patient.

Consistent quality

No deterioration of mechanical performance and quality because it is single-use.

Simple set up

Unpack a new endoscope, connect it to the aBox 2 unit and standard ancillary equipment and get to work.

Streamlines your workflow

Eliminate reprocessing and the more than 100 complex steps2 required of your staff.

Cost transparency

Low initial investment, no hidden costs, and no long-term service agreements.

Think fast. Think clean. Think single-use.

Introducing aScope Gastro

Learn about the aScope Gastro product features

Ofstead et al., 2017: A glimpse at the true cost of reprocessing endoscopes: Results of a pilot project.

Technical specifications

Field of view:



3-100 mm

Distal end diameter:

9.9 mm

Working channel inner diameter:

2.8 mm

Working length:

1030 mm


210°/90°, 100°, 100°

Auxiliary water jet channel:


Image enhancement:


Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Instructions for use

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Supplementary Information

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