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Ambu® Neuroline™ 710

Ambu® Neuroline™ 710 is a conductive, self-adhesive and repositionable surface electrode within the Ambu® Neurology portfolio. The electrode backing material is flexible, comfortable, soft and breathable, ensuring minimum skin irritation.

Features & benefits

  • checkRepositionable and self-adhesive solid gel electrode
  • checkSilver/Silver chloride sensor ensures stable signal quality
  • checkEnsures minimum skin irritation
  • checkFlexible, comfortable, soft and breathable backing material
  • checkThin and flexible lead wire

General information

The electrode features a silver/silver chloride sensor, which ensures stable signal quality and is available with a thin and flexible lead wire. The lead wires come in different lengths and colours and with different connector types.

Suitable applications

Neurophysiological examinations of muscles and/or nerves.

Clinical Studies


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​See datasheet for more specifications.

Sensor type

Silver/Silver chloride

Gel type

Solid gel

Lead wire length

10 cm (4”), 20 cm (8”), 50 cm (20”), 100 cm (40”), 150 cm (60”)

Lead wire color

Series of red, green, black (for lead wire lengths 50 cm (20”) and 150 cm (60”))

Connector type

K, J, SC Connectors

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



file_download Ambu Neurology Catalogue
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file_download Ambu® Neuroline 710 Datasheet
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Instructions for use

file_download IFU EMG Electrodes V05 2023/11
(3.08 MB - pdf)
file_download IFU EMG Electrodes V04 2020/02
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Supplementary Information

file_download Symbol Explanation
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February 2023

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