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Ambu® Neuroline™ Monopolar

The Neuroline Monopolar features a needle tip designed to reduce the penetration force and has a silicone surface coating that reduces friction when inserting and working in the target area.

The needles are made of stainless steel and designed to balance between stiffness and flexibility.

Features & benefits

  • checkThe needle tip cut is designed to reduce the penetration force
  • checkSilicone coating reduces friction when inserting and moving the needle in the target area
  • checkSignal quality with stable impedance level
  • checkThe needle features a precision grip hub that facilitates fine motor control
  • checkColour-coded hub to assist the identification of needle size
  • checkAvailable with or without a pre-attached lead wire

General information

The needle features a colour-coded hub which is both ribbed and contoured, so that it can be solidly held between the thumb and index finger and provides fine motor control.

The Neuroline Monopolar needles are available both with and without a pre-attached lead wire.

Ambu also offers the Ambu Neuroline Monopolar cable with a length of 76 cm (30”). It provides an orientation-free connection to the needle electrode.

Suitable applications

Electromyography (EMG)

Clinical Studies


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​​See datasheet for more specifications.

Sensor type

Stainless steel

Needle length

5 lengths from 25 mm (1”) to 75 mm (3”)

Lead wire length

Pre-attached or Monopolar Cable: 76 cm (30”)

Connector type

Pre-attached: K-connector / Monopolar Cable: K-connector

Spare parts

We offer 1 Spare parts for this product

February 2023

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