SMART STAT Basic with iPad®

The SMART STAT Basic with iPad® is an affordable patient simulator for ALS training. This simulator can function in the lab and in the field for ascertaining diagnostic ability. The simulator has an on-board air compressor, includes a free app on the iTunes Store® (SMART STAT BASIC), and enables all following features.


  • checkAdvanced airway management with tongue edema, laryngospasm and cricothyrotomy
  • check4-lead ECG monitoring and defibrillation
  • check12 pulse points synchronized with ECG rhythm
  • checkHeart and Lung sounds
  • checkSpontaneous breathing
  • checkBlood pressure arm & Intravenous arm
  • checkTension pneumothorax reduction, bilateral
  • checkChest tube placement, bilateral iPad® features
  • checkControl & documentation of training sessions
  • checkReview and debriefing
  • checkVirtual capnography & oximetry

General information


The connection with the SMART STAT Basic manikin is established easily over WiFi and the control is done over the SMART STAT BASIC app. Instructors can evaluate student knowledge, skill levels, and critical thinking abilities by utilizing the applications via the iPad®. Student performance records can be transferred to a computer, and chronological scenario event logs can be printed.

Advanced airway management

The STAT Deluxe Airway Management Head is designed for ET and laryngeal tubes, laryngeal masks and Combitube®, featuring breakout teeth, tongue edema, laryngospasm and cricothyrotomy.

ECG Monitoring & Defibrillation

The manikin allows 4-lead monitoring of 17 rhythms, defibrillation, cardioversion, and pacing.


Anterior and posterior lung sounds, as well as heart sounds can be played back.

Blood pressure Arm & Intravenous Arm

Control the variable systolic and diastolic pressures, Korotkoff sounds and the amplitude of the sounds. The blood pressure arm features also a biceps pressure point for palpation of the pulse.The Intravenous arm allows IV catheterization and infusion.

12 Pulse Points

The manikin features 12 pairs of pulses on carotid, femoral, popliteal, pedal, radial and brachial, and they vary according to the ECG rhythm. Under 70 mmHg systolic pressure, the distal pulses drop off.

Chest Decompression & Chest Tube Placement

The simulator allows a bilateral tension pneumothorax reduction with an audible air discharge with proper catheterization. The chest tube placement can be performed bilateral with fluid return.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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