King Vision™ aBlade™

For safe and easy intubation


Always prepared for the difficult airway

Planning for the difficult airway, expected or unexpected, is no longer a challenge when intubating a patient. Whether an adult or a child, with King Vision™ you are always prepared for the difficult airway.

King Vision™ is designed to enable quick and easy intubation with its display providing a consistent clear real-time view of your patient’s airway. The single-use blades are available in three different sizes and offers the choice of two blade types, allowing you to keep your preferred intubation technique.

King Vision™ aBlade™ is a durable, portable and affordable solution that will maximise your chance of first-attempt success and minimize time-to-intubate.


Experience the possibilities

High flexibility

King Vision™ offers the choice of two blade types for user flexibility.

Operational in seconds

King Vision™ is light weight, self-contained and battery operated, which makes it operational in seconds.

Minimal impact

King Vision™ is ergonomically designed to provide minimal lifting of soft tissue and impact on teeth.

Visionary performance

King Vision™ holds a full colour TFT LCD display with advanced imaging technology that provides visionary performance in the palm of your hand.

No cross-contamination

Single-use blades eliminate risk of cross contamination.


With a clear image viewing in 160° panoramic field King Vision™ is suitable for training of intubation skills.


There is more than meets the eye

Full colour TFT LCD display.
Ergonomic design with integrated blade/handle for complete control.
Blade lens with anti fog treatment for excellent view.


King Vision™ aBlade™ procedures

Whether it is part of your difficult airway trolley or it is used in combination with other visualisation devices for routine intubation the King Vision™ aBlade™ video laryngoscope should be part of your airway strategy. This is emphasised in the recent 2013 Difficult Airway Algorithm from ASA*.

* (Anesthesiology, V 118 • No 2, February 2013)

King Vision™ aBlade™ is recommended for:

  • check Routine intubation
  • check Difficult intubation
  • check Airway visualisation
  • check Tube check
  • check Training of intubation skills

Clinical Studies


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Technical specifications


Reusable full colour TFT LCD display, 2.4”


3 AAA batteries
Battery life: about 90 minutes

Video adapter:

Reusable video adapter with camera and white LED light


Disposable channelled and non-channelled blades

ET tube size for channelled blades:

aBlade™ 2C: 4.5-5.5 mm
aBlade 3C: 6.0-8.0 mm


Custom Video-out Cable (2.75m / 9’)

Size selection

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Important Market Information

Quick Guides

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Supplementary Information

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October 2018

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