Ambu® aFlow Catheter Mounts

Ambu aFlow offers a wide range of catheter mounts covering several size and material specifications. Catheter Mounts are available in adults and pediatrics sizes and as smoothbore, and extendible in the following material; PVC and PP. Extendible catheter mounts provides a lightweight and flexible solution for clinicians to adjust the catheter position as they see fit.

Ambu aFlow catheter mounts are suitable for connections between airway devices and breathing circuits and compatible with all types of breathing and ventilator circuits following relevant standards.

Key benefits

  • check Suitable for connection between invasive airway devices and breathing circuits
  • check Smoothbore products provide low resistance to flow while external coil reduces kinks and blockages. Moreover, they prevent fluid building up and thereby reducing risks of bacterial growth thanks to the smooth inner surface
  • check The extendible PP products provide a lightweight and flexible solution and allows clinician to adjust the position of the catheter mount
  • check Some catheter mounts are equipped with 360 degree double swivel elbow connector heads which increase ease of use
  • check Double cap helps to maintain PEEP during suctioning or bronchoscopy
  • check Luer lock port for gas sampling
  • check 15M or 22F adapters available

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.


Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
(249,29 KB - pdf)


file_download Ambu® aFlow Catheter Mounts datasheet
(208,65 KB - pdf)
file_download Ambu® aFlow Catheter Mounts Smoothbore datasheet
(222,68 KB - pdf)

March 2019