Ambu® aFlow Filters

Ambu aFlow filters play a major role in reducing the risk of cross infections and protecting the patient’s airway during anaesthesia and intensive care. Ambu aFlow offers a wide range of filters, in various confirguations, with soft and luer caps, with and without HME, and in adult, pediatric and neonatal sizes.

Ambu aFlow provides simple, cost effective, secure solutions and the best filtration efficiency for your respiratory patient.

Key Benefits

  • check 99.9999% bacterial efficiency, certified by independent international accreditation companies
  • check 99.9999% viral efficiency, certified by independent international accreditation companies
  • check Minimum dead space to prevent CO2 rebreathing
  • check Light weight design
  • check Low resistance in compliance with optimum patient comfort
  • check 30mgH2O/L humidification in compliance with the ISO 9360 standard
  • check CO2 measurement port
  • checkNo glue

General Information

To help you minimize filtration challenges, we offer a comprehensive line of high-performance breathing filters. Each Ambu aFlow filter provides its own set of unique advantages to maximize the clinical outcomes for filtration when used with multiple ventilator applications, such as noninvasive, invasive or anesthesia procedures.

In mechanically ventilated patients, the upper airways are mainly bypassed by an artificial airway thus, unlike during normal breathing, inspired gases are not filtered before reaching the lungs. Microorganisms which could be expelled by the patient in the form of aerosolized droplets or as sputum, should be prevented from entering the breathing system therefore it is recommended to place breathing filters at the Y-piece, or at the distal expiratory limb of the circuit to provide a barrier against bacteria, viruses and patient secretions, preventing cross contamination and protecting the equipment. Breathing filters should also be used as protection mechanisms against contamination of a hot water bath humidification systems. Ambu aFlow electrostatic breathing filters feature hydrophobic membranes.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.


Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
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file_download Ambu® aFlow Bacterial Viral Filters datasheet
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March 2019