Sustainable innovation by circular design

We take a circular approach to design

In our efforts to work towards a more sustainable future, Ambu has chosen to look backwards. In fact, all the way back to the beginning of a product cycle – namely, the product design. One of three sustainability pillars defined by Ambu concerns circular design and pertains to sustainability related to the choice of materials, parts, processing, modules, products, packaging etc.

Sustainable innovation by circular design

In alignment with our own wishes and the wishes of our stakeholders for increased circularity of materials and products, we seek to engage in helping hospitals ensure the recycling of our products after use. The reality is, though, that hospital waste in general is regulated throughout the world to minimize the risk of contamination. In the EU, for example, medical devices which come in contact with bodily fluids must be handled as hazardous waste, and the waste directive states that it must be burned. The regulation is understandable when considering the risk of contamination but is a major barrier for recycling of the high-quality materials medical devices are made of. We will continue to explore possibilities for recycling medical devices both through exerting our influence and in our practice.

R&D focus areas:

Healthy substances

Reasure the use of chemicals when choosing materials to avoid exposure to substances of concern and enable safe cycling.

Green materials innovation

Rethink the way we enable cycling of greener materials in our parts and our products.

Circular product design

Redefine the product structure to keep the materials at the highest possible value at all times enabling cycling by design.

Circular packaging & logistics

Rethink packaging and the way we ship our products from suppliers to customers and cycling beyond end-of-life.

Manufacturing cascades

Reduce and recirculate materials, energy and water from side streams of our processes to make more from less through cascaded use.

System innovation

Reconfigure the system through pilots and partnerships to achieve actual take-back and recycling in key regional markets.

2021 Red Dot Design Awards Winner

Ambu® aScope 4 Cysto and Ambu® aScope Duodeno have been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award. And in addition, the aScope Duodeno has been awarded a Red Dot Innovative Product Award.  Red Dot Design Awards is arguably the most renowned design competition worldwide.

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