Pediatric ALS Trainer Complete with Interactive ECG Simulator

The Pediatric ALS Infant Complete features all important PALS procedures like 4-lead ECG monitoring, training of i.v. and i.o. techniques as well as realistic CPR and airway management training. The cranial sutures, fontanels and the scalp vein for palpation enable a realistic training.


  • checkOral and nasal intubation
  • checkNG tube
  • checkAirway management & CPR training
  • checkJaw thrust and Sellick’s maneuver
  • checkI.V. access, hand, and arm
  • checkI.O. access, legs bilateral
  • check4-lead ECG monitoring
  • checkBrachial pulse, manual
  • checkCranial sutures & fontanels
  • checkScalp vein for palpation

General information

The intravenous access can be trained on arm and hand and both legs let you train a realistic intraosseous needle insertion with aspiration of bone marrow. The skins and bones are replaceable. The manikin allows airway management training inclusive Jaw thrust and Sellick’s manoeuvre. It accepts ET tubes up to a size of 3.5 mm and can be intubated orally and nasally. In addition, it accepts NG tubes for feeding procedures.

ECG Monitoring

With the Interactive ECG Simulator 17 paediatric heart rhythms can be recreated, as well as simulated pacing or cardioversion. It can be used with manual, semi-automatic or automatic defibrillators.

Spare parts

We offer 4 Spare parts for this product



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