Pediatric Arm

The Pediatric Arm is an exact reproduction of the arm of a six-year-old child enabling the practice of venipuncture and intramuscular injection techniques and procedures used in young children.


  • checkSimulating an arm of a 6-year-old child
  • checkTraining of venipuncture
  • checkLifelike skin and veins adapted to a child’s size
  • checkIntramuscular injection with simulated bone and deltoid muscle
  • checkReplaceable skin and veins

General information

Realistic venipuncture

The lifelike vinyl skin rolls as you palpate to allow location of the vein. The synthetic rubber tubing for the veins was carefully selected to pro­vide a lifelike simulation of vein size and feeling of puncture and palpation for practicing venipuncture.

Intramuscular injection

A soft foam is used to simulate the deltoid muscle allowing the student to “get the feel” of administer­ing intramuscular injections to children. A simulated bone in the shoulder defines and limits the injection area. Water may be used as an injection fluid in the shoulder area. The replacement kit contains skin and veins.

Fluid supplies stand is not included.

Interactive ECG Simulator

With the Interactive ECG Simulator 17 pediatric heart rhythms can be recreated, as well as simulated pacing or cardioversion. It can be used with manual, semi-automatic or automatic defibrillators.

Spare parts

We offer 1 Spare parts for this product



file_download Training Manikins Catalogue
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file_download Pediatric Arm Datasheet
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