The STAT Baby is a lifelike simulator with multiple features for PALS training and represents a 9-month-old infant with lifelike skin and a weight of 8 kg.

It features advanced airway management, I.V. access, PICC access, I.O. access, chest decompression, chest tube placement, as well as urinary catheterization, rectal medication, ECG monitoring and defibrillation, intramusular and subcutaneous injections, and more.


  • checkAdvanced intubation head with nasal intubation, tongue edema and laryngospasm
  • check4-lead monitoring and defibrillation
  • checkI.O. access, right leg
  • checkPeripheral I.V. access, 3 sites on hand and foot
  • checkPICC access site
  • checkIntramuscular and subcutaneous injections
  • check7 pulses, manual
  • checkNasogastric tube placement
  • checkTension pneumothorax reduction
  • checkChest tube placement
  • checkUrinary catheterization, female
  • checkRectal medication

General information

Airway management

This simulator has an advanced airway allowing the practice of ET and laryngeal tubes, laryngeal masks, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways. The advaced intubation head enables also tongue edema and laryngospasm as well as the Sellick’s maneuver. In addition, the placement of a nasogastric tube for gavage or lavage can be trained.


It features seven manual pulse points - pairs at carotid, femoral and brachial, plus the left radial pulse.

Intravenous access

The intravenous access is possible on the right side antecubital, left dorsal hand and left saphenous pedal. PICC line access is possible on the right antecubital fosse.

Intraosseous leg

The baby allows practice of intraosseous infusion on the right leg.

Chest tube placement & chest decompression

The baby features also bilateral tension pneumothorax reduction, and chest tube placement with fluid return on the left midaxillary site.PICC line access is possible on the right antecubital fosse.

Interactive ECG Simulator

With the Interactive ECG Simulator 17 pediatric heart rhythms can be recreated, as well as simulated pacing or cardioversion. It can be used with manual, semi-automatic or automatic defibrillators.

Spare parts

We offer 1 Spare parts for this product



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