Share Capital

The Company’s share capital is DKK 126,421,050 (252,842,100 shares) divided into shares of DKK 0.50 each or multiples thereof. There are 34,320,000 Class A shares and 218,522,100 Class B shares and the latter are listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen.

Each Class B share has one voting right and each Class A share has ten voting rights. The Class B shares are negotiable instruments without restrictions in transferability and are issued to bearer. The shares are registered on NASDAQ Copenhagen under the Securities Code DK0010303619 and the short name AMBU B.

Share capital and voting rights:

  Share capital, DKK Share capital, % Voting rights Voting rights, %
Class A shares  17,160,000 13.6 343,200,000 61.1
Class B shares 109,261,050 86.4 218,522,100 38.9
Total 126,421,050 100 561,722,100 100