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Oct. 2020

A phthalate-free company

This fiscal year, Ambu reached its target of eliminating harmful phthalates from all products. Phthalates are most commonly used as plasticizers, which are added to plastics to act as a softener and increase the flexibility, transparency and durability of the material. Due to their chemical components, some phthalates can be harmful. As of 30th September 2020, Ambu has ceased to manufacture products that contain harmful phthalates.

This is a target which has been in progress for almost 10 years, and so reaching it now is a great milestone for us,” says Annette Bitz, Head of Biosafety at Ambu.

A complex process
The target was born from a customer need, and in order for Ambu to meet that need, the company was required to investigate which plasticizer could be used as a suitable substitute, and only then the project to have 100% phthalate-free products could begin.

From the beginning we shared with our customers that we were willing to listen to their need for phthalate-free products, but we also pointed out that this was far from an easy process. It wasn’t simply enough for us to substitute the phthalates. It was also crucial for us to find the exact right substitution. We were not willing to compromise on the functionality, durability or longevity of the final product. It was also important for us that the substitution did not impose a cost-burden on our customers,” says Annette Bitz.

The project commenced with a substitution of phthalates in the Ambu face masks and laryngeal masks because these products are used in direct contact with patients. Thereafter the products with indirect contact were addressed, and finally the products which had no direct contact with patients. Initially, the phthalate target was set to only cover medical devices, however, this was shortly after extended to include the full product portfolio, including training equipment such as the Ambu manikins. 

A collaborative effort
We had to ask all of our suppliers to remove phthalates from their products and then we had to test these products. It has been an immense collaborative effort amongst all the parties involves, and it is wonderful to see that the effort has paid off,” says Annette Bitz.

This past fiscal year, Ambu worked on substituting phthalates from circuits and VivaSight products, and as this was successful, Ambu has now reached the target of phthalate-free products in the entire product portfolio.


Oct. 2020

Chairman of the Board of Directors will not seek re-election (no. 1)

Lars Rasmussen, who has been chairman of the Board of Directors in Ambu A/S since December 2019, has decided not to seek re-election at the Annual General Meeting in December 2020.

It has been brought to my attention, that certain Ambu shareholders are of the opinion that there is a potential conflict of interest by me being chairman of the Board of Directors in both Ambu and Coloplast. The reason is, that Coloplast during its recent Capital Markets Day mentioned that they might sometime in the future evaluate if distribution of cystoscopes could be a new product area to enter. Based on this potential future uncertainty, I have decided not to seek re-election as chairman of the Board of Directors in Ambu to make sure that I and the company apply to the highest corporate governance standards,” says Lars Rasmussen about the unexpected departure from Ambu.

Oliver Johansen, who has been a member of the Board in Ambu A/S since 2015 and who is SVP, Global R&D with Coloplast, has also decided not to seek re-election at the Annual General Meeting for the same reason as Lars Rasmussen.

The search for new candidates will be initiated in line with Ambu’s Board succession planning process.

The entire Board would like to thank Lars Rasmussen as well as Oliver Johansen for their contribution to Ambu’s successful development during their tenure.

You can download this company announcement (pdf)


Oct. 2020

Ambu Awarded Single-Use Endoscopy Contract with Major U.S. Group Purchasing Organization

Ambu Inc., the world leader in single-use endoscopes, announced today that it has been awarded a national single-use endoscopy contract in the category of Single-Use Endoscopes with a major U.S. Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).  

The agreement is for the single-use endoscopy category and enables Ambu to serve approximately 20% of the acute care hosptials in the United States. This agreement will further accelerate Ambu’s rapidly expanding share of the single-use endoscope market by giving those accounts pre-negotiated pricing and terms for Ambu’s full suite of endoscopy products.  

This comprehensive category will provide access to the full Ambu portfolio of FDA-approved single-use endoscopes and allow members the choice to partner with Ambu by standardizing across Ambu’s single-use product portfolio – including Bronchoscopy, ENT, Urology, and Gastroenterology. 

We welcome the decision to create a single-use endoscopy category and are looking forward to an exciting journey together bringing advanced single-use devices to hospitals and health care providers. Ambu’s aspiration is to become the world most innovative single-use endoscopy company on the back of a comprehensive portfolio, unmatched innovation and attractive economics. This strategy makes us the ideal partner for GPO’s in the United States and we are excited to have secured another major award,” said Juan Jose Gonzalez, CEO of Ambu A/S.

Continued transition to single-use scopes
Ambu launched the world’s first single-use flexible bronchoscope, the Ambu® aScope™ in 2009. In 2020, more than 1 million Ambu single-use endoscopes will be used in more than 6,000 hospitals making Ambu the world’s largest supplier of single-use endoscopes.

Within bronchoscopy, 96% of the top 500 hospitals in the U.S. are using Ambu’s sterile, single-use bronchoscopes in the OR and ICU setting. In the last 12 months, Ambu has increased its single-use market share in the United States, as the market continues to transition to single-use bronchoscopy to avoid costly and unnecessary expenses associated with cross-contamination. 

Ambu received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in July 2020 for its single-use duodenoscope, and the FDA cleared Ambu’s single-use cystoscope in April 2020. By 2022, Ambu plans to introduce another 12 new devices across all major areas of endoscopy, including GI, the largest endoscopy market globally.

You can download this press release (pdf).

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Oct. 2020

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Nov. 2020

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Nov. 2020

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