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Apr. 2021

Ambu awarded for excellence in product design

Two latest single-use endoscopes win Red Dot design awards.

The winners of the ‘Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021’ have been announced, and Ambu is a double winner with awards for the company’s cystoscope and duodenoscope – both single-use endoscopes.

The awards reflect Ambu’s strategy as a key innovator within medical devices, said CEO Juan Jose Gonzalez: “Our ambition is to remain the most innovative developer of single-use endoscopes, and the fact that our two latest devices are now Red Dot winners is recognition of our focus on quality product design. The teams here at Ambu are immensely proud of the double win.

Designed for quality in single-use
The winning products – Ambu® aScope™ 4 Cysto and Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno – were both launched in 2020 and are used for medical procedures in the urinary tract and the gastrointestinal system, respectively. Both devices are designed for single-use because it eliminates the risk of infection and the need for reprocessing of scopes – cutting healthcare costs and freeing staff from exposure to chemicals during reprocessing.

Both products are awarded the distinction of Red Dot, and in addition, the Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno won an award in the ‘Innovative Products’ category, meaning that the jury members recognised the product’s novel features in particular.

A prestigious award
The Red Dot Award: Product Design recognises the best products for a given year. The international jury comprises roughly 50 specialists from a wide variety of sectors. They scrutinised the products entered in the competition over several days and were guided by assessment criteria such as the product’s formal quality, ergonomics and longevity.

The winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 were particularly impressive this year. The design of their products is excellent, in terms of both the aesthetics and the functionality. It’s not easy to prevail in such a strong field of competitors and to win over our jury. Consequently, I want to congratulate the laureates very sincerely on their success,” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot.

Online and physical exhibitions in June
Ambu’s two winning products can be seen in the online exhibition on the Red Dot website from 21 June 2021. That date also marks the beginning of the Red Dot Design Week, during which this year’s award winners will be celebrated online.

In addition, Ambu® aScope™ 4 Cysto and Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno will be included in the exhibition “Design on Stage” in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen in Germany, where all of the award-winning products are showcased.

The Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno was cleared by the FDA in 2020 and is currently marketed in the USA.


Press contact at Red Dot
Julia Hesse, Senior Manager PR & Communications, tel. +49 201 838885–58, email:

Press contact at Ambu
Mikkel Trier Wagner, Director, Corporate Communications, tel. +45 4191 0830, email:

About the Red Dot Design Award
In order to appraise the diversity in the field of design in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award breaks down into the three disciplines of Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. With more than 18,000 entries, the Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. In 1955, a jury convened for the first time to assess the best designs of the day. In the 1990s, Red Dot CEO Professor Dr. Peter Zec developed the name and brand of the award. Ever since, the sought-after distinction “Red Dot” has been the revered international seal of outstanding design quality. The award winners are presented in the yearbooks, museums and online. More information is available at

You can download this presse release (pdf).


Mar. 2021

Ambu Named Frost & Sullivan ‘New Product Innovation Award’ Winner for Single-use Flexible Endoscopy

Ambu A/S announced today that it is receiving a Global New Product Innovation Award in the advanced visualization market from Frost & Sullivan, a global consulting firm that honors companies it deems to be at the innovation and growth forefront of their respective industries.

Frost & Sullivan selected Ambu due to its work in single-use flexible endoscopy where Ambu is creating an innovation paradigm shift by rapidly bringing new technologies and products in shorter life cycles. An approach which requires advanced modularization capabilities and promotes rapid adoption of new technologies and design improvements. 

Disruptive innovation engine
Frost & Sullivan underlines how Ambu has successfully built a unique business model based on a visionary understanding of how endoscopy could be improved by leveraging new technology to better address patient needs.

Today, Ambu is the most innovative single-use endoscopy player in the market, with a commitment to be at the forefront of technology,” said Pavel Zhebrouski, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Frost & Sullivan feels that Ambu distinctly stands out in the market with its R&D and manufacturing engines, outperforming competitors with its focus on innovation and high-scale, low-cost manufacturing.

Ambu is grateful for this recognition from Frost & Sullivan, whose methodology—focused on disruptive technology and innovative business models—is widely respected,” said Ambu A/S CEO Juan Jose Gonzalez. “We have seen the positive impact our single-use endoscopy technology can have by improving productivity and clinical outcomes while ensuring a safe and sterile device for the patient. In the immediate future, you will see a rapid expansion of our innovation pipeline, driven by our world-class innovation organization.

Ambu plans to quadruple its product pipeline and launch more than 20 new flexible endoscopy products in the next three years.

World’s largest supplier of single-use flexible endoscopes
Ambu launched the world’s first single-use flexible bronchoscope, the Ambu® aScope™, in 2009. In 2020, more than 1 million Ambu single-use endoscopes were used in more than 6,000 hospitals, making Ambu the world’s largest supplier of single-use endoscopes.

Within bronchoscopy, 96% of the top 500 hospitals in the United States are using Ambu’s sterile, single-use bronchoscopes in the OR and ICU setting. In the last 12 months, Ambu has increased its market share in the U.S. as hospitals continue to transition to single-use bronchoscopy to avoid costly and unnecessary expenses associated with workflow management and patient cross-contamination.

You can download this press release (pdf)


Feb. 2021

Capital increase in connection with exercise of warrants (no. 12)

Ambu A/S issued 770,000 warrants in 2015 and 419,500 warrants in November 2016. Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one Class B share with a nominal value of DKK 0.50. 46 individuals participate in the 2015 scheme and 71 individuals participate in the 2016 scheme. 

For both schemes the vesting period is three years, and both schemes can therefore be exercised in the trading window that opened on 27 January 2021 in connection with Ambu’s interim financial report for Q1 2020/21. 

Since 27 January 2021, instructions have been received to exercise warrants as follows:

  • 2015 scheme: 5 individuals have issued instructions to exercise 55,000 warrants at the agreed exercise price of DKK 39.26 per share with a nominal value of DKK 0.50.
  • 2016 scheme: 9 individuals have issued instructions to exercise a total of 32,500 warrants at the agreed exercise price of DKK 77.12 per share with a nominal value of DKK 0.50.

Today Ambu’s Board of Directors decided to carry out the capital increase relating to the exercised warrants.

As a result of the capital increase, the share capital of Ambu will be increased by a nominal amount of DKK 43,750 from DKK 111,616,966 to DKK 111,660,716 through the issue of 43,750 Class B shares.

Following this and in consideration of the employees having left the company, the following warrants remain under the said schemes:

  • 2015 scheme: 45,000 remaining warrants being held by 5 individuals.
  • 2016 scheme: 199,500 remaining warrants being held by 33 individuals.

The new B shares are expected to be admitted to trading and official listing on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S on 10 February 2021 under the ISIN code of Ambu A/S’ existing B shares (DK0060946788).

Under section 32 of the Danish Capital Markets Act, Ambu A/S is to announce the total share capital and the total voting rights by the end of a month in which any change of the share capital was effected. The table below shows the total share capital and the total voting rights of Ambu A/S after the capital increase.

  Number of shares
(nominal value DKK 0.50)
Nominal value
Voting rights
A shares 34,320,000 17,160,000 343,200,000
B shares 223,321,432 111,660,716 223,321,432
Total 257,641,432 128,820,716 566,521,432

You can download this announcement: Company announcement no. 12 2020/21 (pdf)

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