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Sep. 2023

Financial Calendar 2023/24 (no. 13)

This financial calendar lists the expected release dates of Ambu’s financial announcements for the financial year 2023/24, as well as the date of Ambu’s Annual General Meeting. 



8 NOVEMBER 2023Annual Report 2022/23
13 DECEMBER 2023Annual General Meeting 2023



30 JANUARY 2024Earnings release Q1 2023/24
14 MAY 2024Earnings release Q2 2023/24
30 AUGUST 2024Earnings release Q3 2023/24
30 SEPTEMBER 2024End of fiscal year 2023/24
5 NOVEMBER 2024Annual Report 2023/24
4 DECEMBER 2024Annual General Meeting 2024

The deadline for the inclusion of specific items on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting 2023 is 31 October 2023.


Read the company announcement here.



Sep. 2023

Ambu announces FDA clearance of first-generation single-use colonoscope

With the new colonoscopy solution, Ambu complements its gastroenterology offering by bringing single-use efficiency to colonoscopists and patients for interventional and diagnostic procedures.

Today, Ambu announces 510(k) regulatory clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of its single-use colonoscope solution, the Ambu® aScope™ Colon and the endoscopy system, the Ambu® aBox™ 2.

With a 3.7 mm working channel and just 11.5 mm outer diameter, the new colonoscope complements Ambu’s gastroenterology (GI) portfolio, consisting of the Ambu® aScope™ Gastro and the Ambu® aScope™ Gastro Large – all of which are supported by the ecosystem software platform featured in the Ambu® aBox™ 2.

The colonoscopy market is the biggest endoscopy segment, not only in GI, but across all endoscopy segments, representing approximately 40 million procedures annually. Ambu’s colonoscope solution is designed to meet the needs pertaining to 1.5 million of these procedures, and with the FDA clearance, Ambu will apply an initial market test approach in a few dedicated U.S. centers to evaluate clinical performance, in close collaboration with physicians.

"The Ambu aScope Colon is a pioneer step, making the single-use concept available for colonoscopy. We are looking forward to evaluating the performance and potential patient benefits of this technology."

Chief of Gastroenterology, Interventional Endoscopist, New York, NY, USA

Reaping the rewards of single-use efficiency and sterility
The Ambu® aScope™ Colon constitutes a new sterile tool for GI professionals during interventional and diagnostic procedures. Due to the guaranteed sterility of the single-use colonoscope, the risk of cross-contamination is removed, and
the scope can hereby serve as a unique medical device for the treatment of patients who suffer from serious infections or are immunocompromised.

Moreover, Ambu’s colonoscope presents the opportunity for colonoscopists and nursing staffs in the U.S. to reap the rewards of single-use in terms of availability, efficiency and workflow optimisation. GI professionals using single-use
endoscopes are not limited by the number of available scopes at hand – nor are they subjects to the rigid reprocessing requirements that come with reusable endoscopes. Instead, they are offered the flexibility of single-use and, with that, the opportunity to improve their planning and management of schedules, in turn, potentially saving patients from the bother of cancellations and rescheduling.

"In line with our strategic decision to apply a niche-based approach on our GI journey, we are dedicated to engaging with selected U.S. customers to test the performance of our new colonoscope solution. Our entry into the gastroenterology market is one of learning and focus, and as we gradually expand our offering, we are looking forward to bringing the power of single-use efficiency and sterility to a growing number of healthcare professionals and patients."

Chief Executive Officer, Ambu

Download the full press release


Sep. 2023

Ambu strengthens presence in Malaysia with new R&D centre

The new centre enables Ambu to continue to develop high-level engineering
competences and drive speed of innovation in South-East Asia, enhancing the
company’s strong presence in the country.

As of today, 19 September 2023, Ambu opens the doors to a new R&D centre in Penang, Malaysia. Due to Ambu’s 20+ years of success driving manufacturing and R&D activities in the country, the company’s footprint has grown significantly, and the
new centre will thus enable Ambu to further enhance its presence and engineering competences going forward.

Ambu’s R&D activities in Penang constitute an integral part of the company’s endoscope development setup and revolve around the enhancement of products already in the market, as well as new product development. With the new centre, Ambu will further develop its mix of engineering abilities, including software testing and verification, in close integration with global R&D and other functions.

Finn Möhring, Chief Technology Officer at Ambu, is excited about the new R&D centre in Malaysia, and he emphasizes the great opportunity for Ambu to attract top talents and tap into innovation efficiencies:

"Ambu has had operations in Malaysia for the past two decades, during which we have grown tremendously, not only in our manufacturing teams, but also in R&D and other functions. The extended R&D presence in Malaysia is a great opportunity for Ambu to further advance our strong platform of engineering competences, while simultaneously leveraging efficiencies. I am excited about our potential as an R&D organisation and the future world-class solutions we are going to develop for customers."

Chief Technology Officer, Ambu


Placed in close proximity to Ambu’s current facility in Penang, the R&D centre will host R&D teams and other organisational functions. The new facilities currently allow for 120 employees and have been approved for future expansion in 2024,
reflecting a potential of 100 additional hires.

With the new R&D centre in Penang, Ambu’s global R&D activities span over five countries, consisting of three dedicated R&D centres across Malaysia, Germany and Denmark, supported by R&D-focused teams in the USA and China, all focused
on bringing high-performance endoscopy solutions to market that meet the needs of customers.

Download the full press release here

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