Board of Directors

Jørgen Jensen

Chairman of the Board

Born 1968

Chairman, member of the Board since 2020. Chairman of the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee and member of the Innovation Committee.

Position: Professional board member since 2019.
Honorary offices: 3Shape (C), Velux (C), Micro Matic (C), Weibel (C), Healthcare DENMARK (C), VKR Holding VC).
Special competences: General management, as well as sales, R&D, Production, Supply Chain and M&A experience from global companies.

Christian Sagild

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Born 1959

Member of the Board since 2012. Member of the Audit Committee and of the Nomination Committee.

Position: Professional Board member.
Honorary offices: Royal Unibrew (MB), Nordic Solar (C), Penneo (C).
Special competences: General management of a listed company, special insights into financial matters and risk management.

Susanne Larsson

Born 1968

Member of the Board since 2021. Chairman of the Audit Committee and Member of the Remuneration Committee. 

Position: Group CFO, Mölnlycke.
Special competences: Strong track record of financial leadership in publicly listed companies with more than a decade of CFO, strategy, and business development experience.

Michael del Prado

Born 1963

Member of the Board since 2021. Chairman of the Innovation Committee and Member of the Nomination Committee.

Position: Former Company Group Chairman of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, USA
Special competences: Extensive experience of building businesses globally and driving innovation and technology agendas in healthcare.

Henrik Ehlers Wulff

Born 1970

Member of the Board since 2015. Member of the Innovation Committee and the Remuneration Committee.

Position: Executive Vice President of Novo Nordisk A/S
Honorary offices: Grundfos Holding (MB).
Special competences: General management with experience in the field of global manufacturing, supply chain management, IT and quality management, particularly in the area of GMP.

Charlotte Elgaard Bjørnhof

Member of the Board since 2021.
Elected by the employees.

Position: Director, Global Product Management, Core.

Jesper Bartroff Frederiksen

Member of the Board since 2021.
Elected by the employees.

Position: Senior Project Management Specialist

Thomas Bachgaard Jensen

Member of the Board since 2021.
Elected by the employees.

Position: Mechanical Module Architect.