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Apr. 2019

Investors: Ambu has best medtech CEO in Europe

In a recent survey, Ambu’s CEO Lars Marcher is ranked no. 1 on list of CEOs in European medtech companies. The top rank is achieved among all listed medtech companies with their headquarters located in Europe and a market cap below USD 10 billion. Ambu’s current market cap is approximately USD 6.5 billion.

The Extel Survey is the largest study of its kind worldwide, and the voters in the survey are the largest institutional investors and portfolio managers.

You can download this press release (pdf).


Mar. 2019

New Study: Reusable Bronchoscopes cost more than Sterile Single-use Bronchoscopes

Study urges hospitals to consider obtaining sterile single-use bronchoscopes for routine procedures to improve hospital economy and patient safety.

Bronchoscopes – one of the most commonly used instruments in hospitals – not only put patients at risk of infection if they are not cleaned properly but can come with a heavy price tag for institutions that reprocess them for use on other patients.

A new study shows that hospitals that disinfect and reuse bronchoscopes pay more per instrument than if they had purchased a sterile single-use bronchoscope. The extra cost is $150 per use on average across the hospitals in the study and up to $500 per use at the hospital with the highest reported expenses for reusable bronchoscopes.

The study also found that:

  • Reprocessing bronchoscopes was most often done by personnel who “lacked certification or adequate training.”
  • Reprocessing practices in the field “do not meet current standards and guidelines.”
  • “Substantial resources were spent re-reprocessing bronchoscopes that reached hang time limits.”

The study recommends that facilities obtain sterile single-use bronchoscopes for their routine procedures, for after hours and for emergency situations.

The study reports that “Site coordinators [at the hospitals in the study] identified suboptimal equipment and practices at all sites, and the study sparked assessments and quality improvements that will hopefully improve patient safety.”

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Download entire press release as pdf: New study: Resuable bronchoscopes cost more than single-use bronchoscopes
Download the study:  Managing Bronchoscope costs: Results of A real world study


Mar. 2019

Ambu’s new single-use scope receives CE mark

Ambu has received notice from BSI (British Standards Institution) that their latest single-use endoscope – Ambu® aScope™ 4 RhinoLaryngo Slim – is included in Ambu’s current CE certificate. This means that Ambu is ready to launch the new scope in Europe before end of Q2 2018/19. The US launch awaits FDA approval which is expected in Q3 2018/19.

The two scopes for nose and throat procedures
This is Ambu’s second out of two announced single-use rhinolaryngoscopes. The first was launched in Europe in October 2018. The two scopes are:

  • Ambu® aScope™ 4 RhinoLaryngo Intervention – for speciality procedures
  • Ambu® aScope™ 4 RhinoLaryngo Slim – for routine inspections

The Intervention scope is expected to be launched in the US at the same time as the Slim scope.

Single-use rhinolaryngoscopes
A rhinolaryngoscope is used by ear, nose and throat specialists to visualize the airway anatomy from the nasal cavity down to the vocal folds. The scope is used to check a wide variety of conditions and perform specialized procedures such as biopsies and foreign body removal.

There are multiple benefits associated with a single-use scope. It is immediately ready for the doctor who does not have to wait for a clean scope. A single-use scope does not need cleaning and repairs, and each patient is treated with a sterile device.

You can download this press release (pdf).

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