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Jan. 2020

King Systems Issues Recall of King Vision Video Laryngoscope Video Adapter Size 1/2

Noblesville, IN – On November 5, 2019, King Systems initiated a voluntary recall of One-Hundred Seventy-One (171) units of its King Vision Video Laryngoscope Adapter Size 1/2.  The affected products have been found to exhibit a reversed image, which could potentially result in difficulty navigating during intubation and/or delay in intubation.

The affected product(s) should NOT be used. All affected product(s) should be returned to King Systems.

Affected product was manufactured from April 2nd to September 19th, 2019 and distributed from August 2nd to October 25th, 2019.

The recall includes the following affected devices:

Part Number Lot Numbers Serial Numbers
KVLVA12 010614

Affected product can be identified by reviewing the product packaging for Lot Number or individual devices for Serial Number. The Serial Number is located inside the Adapter (Figure 1).

King Systems voluntarily recalled the products after receiving reports of some products exhibiting a reversed image. Although the image may appear normal, the user’s actions will be reversed on the Display for left and right directions. Up and down directions are unaffected (Figure 2). As of January 20th, 2020, King Systems has not received any reports of adverse events (no patient injuries) resulting from this issue. FDA has been notified of this action.

King Systems has notified impacted distributors and customers and is arranging for return and credit/replacement of all recalled product(s).

A total of One-Hundred and Seven (107) affected products were shipped to distributors and customers in the USA (AK, AL, CA, FL, IA, IL, KS, LA, MD, MN, MS, NC, NE, PA, SC, TX, WA, and WI) and Sixty-Four (64) were shipped internationally (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Myanmar, Poland,
Spain, and UK).

Consumers with questions may contact the company by phone at +1 (410) 768-6464 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm EST or by emailing Shelby Mitchell at

Adverse reactions or quality problems experienced with the use of this product may be reported to FDA:

You can download this announcement (pdf)


Dec. 2019

Annual General Meeting in Ambu A/S (no. 4)

Ambu A/S held its annual general meeting today 17 December 2019. Below please find information regarding each item on the attached agenda.

Preparation etc. of annual report, company announcements and documents in English – Item 1
The proposal to prepare, present and publish, as applicable, the company’s annual report, company announcements and documents prepared for internal use by the general meeting was adopted by the shareholders.

The management’s report on the company's activities in the past year – Item 2
The shareholders noted the management’s report on the company’s activities in the past financial year.

Presentation for adoption of the annual report – Item 3
The presented audited annual report for the financial year 2018/19 was adopted by the shareholders.

Presentation for adoption of the remuneration report – Item 4
The proposed and presented remuneration report for the financial year 2018/19 was adopted by the shareholders.

Proposal of the Board of Directors on the appropriation of profit or covering of loss in accordance with the adopted annual report – Item 5
The distribution of the profit for the year was adopted, and dividend of DKK 0.38 per share corresponding to 30% of the net profit will consequently be distributed.

Approval of the directors' remuneration for the financial year 2019/20 – Item 6
The proposal of the Board of Directors that the general meeting resolved to approve the directors’ remuneration of DKK 4,300,000 for the financial year 2019/20, which is equivalent to the directors’ current remuneration, was adopted as follows:

  • Basic remuneration: DKK 300,000
  • The chairman will receive three times the basic remuneration
  • The vice-chairman will receive twice the basic remuneration
  • The chairmen of the audit, remuneration and nomination committees: DKK 150,000
  • Each member of the said committees: DKK 100,000

Election of Chairman of the Board – Item 7
Lars Rasmussen was elected Chairman of the Board.

Election of Vice-chairman of the Board – Item 8
Mikael Worning was re-elected Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Election of other members of the Board – Item 9
Oliver Johansen, Christian Sagild and Henrik Ehlers Wulff were re-elected as members of the Board of Directors. Britt Meelby Jensen was elected as a new member of the Board of Directors.

Election of auditor – Item 10
Ernst & Young Godkendt Revisionspartnerselskab was re-elected as the company’s auditor.

Update of the remuneration policy – Item 11
The proposal to update the remuneration policy was adopted. The update of the remuneration policy was prompted by new requirements of the Danish Companies Act, a request for increased flexibility and the introduction of a new long-term incentive program.

Authorisation to the Chairman of the meeting – Item 12
The chairman of the meeting was, with full right of substitution, authorised to apply for registration of the resolutions passed and to make any such amendments thereto as the Danish Business Authority or other authorities may require or request as a condition for registration or approval, as well as to continuously make and apply for registration of linguistic and other non-substantive adjustments to the company’s Articles of Association.

You can download this company announcement (pdf).


Nov. 2019

New findings show that reusable bronchoscopes can be costly in more ways than one

Study puts a price tag on the cost of cross-infection.

A new study conducted at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Department of Anaesthesia in London has found that single-use flexible bronchoscopes are more cost-effective and associated with a lower risk of infection than reusable flexible bronchoscopes.

The study findings, which were published in Anaesthesia on 8th November 2019, fill a gap in the current literature on the economics of reusable flexible bronchoscopes by putting a number on the cost associated with the risk of infection. After quantifying the cost of infection, the study then compares the total costs of reusable flexible bronchoscopes with single-use flexible bronchoscopes using cost data for the Ambu® aScope™ 4 Broncho single-use solution.

The cost of treating infection doubles the cost per procedure
Even without considering the risk of infection, the study found that the direct cost per use of reusable flexible bronchoscopes are greater than that of single-use Ambu aScope 4 Broncho devices. However, when the cost of treatment of infection is taken into account, the total cost per patient use for reusable flexible bronchoscopes more than doubles as the graph below shows.

The results of the study found that when direct cost alone is considered, the cost per procedure for a reusable flexible bronchoscope is £249, compared to £220 with a single-use Ambu aScope 4 Broncho device. However, when the cost of treating infection (£262) is taken into account, the total cost per patient use with a reusable flexible bronchoscope rises to £511.  All in all, this means that there is a total cost savings of £291 per procedure to be gained by using the Ambu aScope 4 Broncho single-use solution.

Potential to lower costs and optimize resources with aScope 4 Broncho 
The study combined a systematic literature review with a comparative micro-costing analysis conducted at a high-throughput anaesthesia specialist centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital in London. The combined data was used to calculate the clinical cost-effectiveness gained from reducing the incidence of cross-infection, which could be achieved using a single-use bronchoscope.

Ambu provided cost data enabling the authors of the study to calculate the cost per procedure with a single-use bronchoscope. The Ambu aScope Broncho solution has been adopted widely by hospitals around the world. Since launching the first aScope in 2009, Ambu aScope technology has been used in over 1.5 million bronchoscopies and intubations. 

The study concluded that aScope 4 Broncho single-use scopes offer advantages over reusable ones: “The findings from the study suggests benefits of single-use flexible bronchoscopes in terms of cost-effectiveness, cross-contamination and resource utilisation.”

With over 2.4 million routine bronchoscopies and intubations performed yearly in intensive care units and operating theatres, the conclusions of the study could point at opportunities to benefit in terms of both resource optimisation and potential cost-savings.

Read more
“A systematic review and cost-effectiveness analysis of re-usable vs single-use flexible bronchoscopes” by Jakob Munk Mouritsen et al. published in Anaesthesia, 8 November 2019:

What is the true cost of Bronchoscopy? Visit

You can download this press release (pdf).

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